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Southill Preservation Society

Southill Fireworks 2009 (in association with Anytime Fireworks) and organised by Jon Gabb, is on Saturday 14th November starting at 7.00pm, near the shops in Radipole Lane, Southill. Please note the car park will be closed fro 6.30pm until approx. 8.30pm
There will be a display by Dorset Fire Service, Tombola, Raffle, BBQ at the John Gregory, various stalls from Southill School, Kidz R Us, Southill Youth Club, Weymouth North Scout Group. Funds are being raised for Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.
Main sponsors this year are: Absolute Cooling Ltd; JD Yachts; the John Gregory; Advoco; Dunnings Automatics Ltd; Bridwey Precision Engineering Ltd; Albion Shipping Services; Fortis Insurance Ltd; Damers Blinds & Awnings; AKI Ltd (Builders); Tidings Newsagents; Southill Snooker Club; Independent Financial Solutions; Bartlett's Garage; Angel Pharmacy, Southill; LG Interiors; S. L. Williams Plumbing Services; BEC Furnishings.
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The Southill Preservation Society has been set up for the residents of Southill and the Radipole village area of Weymouth, Dorset. The Society aims to preserve the area and its amenities for the benefit of all, to improve them wherever possible and to generate an appreciation for our local environment. The Society aims to hold local events for all age groups to raise funds.

Together as a community, we hope to make a difference for the benefit of us all.


An event to launch the Society was held in June 2009 where a high level of interest was indicated. A public meeting was held in early September over proposals to build on land on the Southill/Radipole border with Chickerell. Membership of the Society had only been available for less than 2 weeks at this point and already there were around 70 members signed up. There followed the 'Green Fete' held on the Community land and in the Community Centre in late September which was a huge success.


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A Little Bit of History:
Southill takes its name from being quite literally, the south hill within the parish of Radipole. It is only within the last couple of decades that the name has become Southill and the former Post Office had retained the correct name, South Hill, up until it closed in 2007.

The largest area within Southill was built on the fields belonging to Field Barn Farm, which covered the area between Weymouth Way and Radipole Lane near its boundary with Chickerell and the part where the houses of Faversham, Chartwell etc now stand as well as the shops and community area. All this had formerly been part of the Manor of Causeway, Radipole, along with the western side of Radipole Lane going up the hill, until in 1833, it was bought by Edward Balston, Lord of the Manor of Corfe Hill. Around 1930, the then owner of the Corfe Hill estate, sold off large plots of the land by auction and the first houses to be built were those of Radipole Lane, Mead Road, Hammond Avenue, Sutcliffe Avenue and Grafton Avenue.

Later, the area of Field Barn Farm came into the hands of the Corporation of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis and in the late 1950s when the borough was looking to increase housing, Southill became the chosen place and bit by bit, the lands of the farm were sold to developers. The first houses to be built of this development in the early sixties were around the junction of Field Barn Drive and Chafeys Avenue, followed by the roads off Chafeys Avenue and including The Rise. The area on the hill, Faversham etc was built in the late 1960s. The remaining part of Southill, from where the John Gregory stands up to Southill School had formerly belonged to the rector of Radipole, but development didn't take place there until later and Southill Primary School was opened in January 1974.

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Interactive Map of Southill - coming soon, but for now you may use the Radipole map on the sister site which includes Southill: Radipole Map